Anchors For Airplanes is an American heavy rock band from Reno, Nevada, founded in 2013 by lead singer Brandon Bianco, guitarists Wade Tranberg and Cody Walker, drummer John Wooten, and bassist Travis Ambrose. The lineup released two self recorded albums “Relics” in 2015, and a follow up “Afterglow” 2016.

The band’s style is commonly referred to as melodic alternative metal, though some song structures and dynamics can compare to ballads, pop, and even hip hop alike.Though influences range far and wide, Anchors For Airplanes has served up a very tight and polished sound packed with a hard driven vibe that is relative to giants like Sevendust and In Flames.

In the summer of 2013 Brandon Bianco (Vocals) and Wade Tranberg (Guitar) contacted Travis Ambrose (Bass), John Wooten (Drums), and  Cody Walker (Guitar) to form a new hard rock project, and the name Anchors For Airplanes was selected from a Facebook poll the group had posted. In the following months AFA recorded several songs, striking instant approval from fans with “After The Fall” and “Heart Of Sin”. Over the next three years AFA shared the stage with bands such as Three Days Grace, Halestorm, Starset, Ill Nino, 36 Crazyfists, All Hail The Yeti, Highly Suspect, Saving Abel, and Motograter.

Anchors For Airplanes are currently working on their third album expected sometime in 2017, as well as a reality YouTube show called the Hard Rock Diaries. Videos of the band are filmed by singer Brandon Bianco and his video production company Dreampilot Films.

AFA’s goal is to make music and provide it for as many people as they can get it to. Though the band is unsigned, they have written and complied nearly 60 songs worth of rock and metal music. AFA is currently seeking help from a record label to produce and record their next album.